4 kinds of burger menu of Komeda coffee shop

Burger menu sold at each Komeda coffee shop. I actually tried and compared all 4 types (as of April 2019) of "Demi-glace burger", "Fish fry burger", "Egg buns", and "Croquette buns"!

■ Demi-glace burger
A thick patty hamburger made with Komeda's special domiglace sauce. The price is 590 yen.

Komeda "Demi-glace Burger"
Demi-glace burger

Rich sauce and thick patty with a lot of volume. Patty is juicy and fluffy, and goes perfectly with fluffy homemade buns. If you want to eat well, don't hesitate!

Komeda "Demi-glace Burger"
Demi-glace burger

■ Fish fry burger
Fish burger with tartar sauce and cheese. The price is 510 yen.

Komeda "Fish Fry Burger"
Fish fry burger

The thick fish fry wrapped in crispy batter is a perfect match for the appetizing taste of tartar sauce. The fresh taste of cabbage that you can enjoy the crispy texture and the richness of cheese are a good accent. Anyway, the fish fry is delicious!

Komeda "Fish Fry Burger"

■ Egg buns
A burger with handmade egg paste. The price is 480 yen.

Komeda "Egg Bangs"
Egg buns

Eggs that are sanded so much that they will overflow from the buns' chopsticks when they bite. The mellow taste is combined with the taste of bacon to give it a nostalgic taste. If you like egg sandwiches, this is a must-try item.

Komeda "Egg Bangs"

■ Croquette buns
A burger where you can enjoy the balance between hot croquettes and fresh cabbage. The price is 480 yen.

Komeda "Croquette Vans"
Croquette buns

There is no doubt that the volumey croquette filled with potatoes and the crispy cabbage are a perfect combination! The rich sauce enhances the deliciousness of the croquette.

Komeda "Croquette Bun"

■ What is the most recommended ...?
All of them are attractive, but my recommendation is the fish fry burger! You can fully enjoy the crispy batter and the deliciousness of the medium juicy fish fry.

All menus are generous and satisfying! Even eating one plate will make you quite full. It seems fun to eat and compare while sharing the menu you care about with your family and friends ♪

* Prices vary depending on the store