Komeda's new work "Shiro Noir Pudding"
I have to eat this!

At each Komeda coffee shop (excluding some shops), the seasonal Shiro Noir "Shiro Noir Pudding" will be released on November 13th. Seasonal. The price is 750 yen to 770 yen for the full size and 550 yen to 570 yen for the mini size (tax included, price varies depending on the store). The sales period is scheduled for the end of January 2020.

Shiro Noir is a "coffee shop pudding" with a rich taste. We are particular about custard cream sandwiched between other Danish pastries. In order to reproduce the rich old-fashioned pudding, it is finished in a cream with a smooth texture that feels the sweetness of eggs.

Komeda's new work "Shiro Noir Pudding"

On top of the Danish pastry with powdered sugar, sprinkle cold soft serve ice cream and bittersweet caramel sauce, and top with cherries to finish. If you sip a bite of cream, sauce, and soft serve ice cream in Danish pastry, the gentle sweetness of custard cream and the fragrant aroma of caramel sauce will spread in your mouth, just like the taste of pudding!

A collaboration between the god of pudding and Shiro Noir! Check out Komeda's new work "Shiro Noir Pudding"!