Abashiri Beer "Drift Ice Draft"
Blue low-malt beer!

In Hokkaido, I drank the blue sparkling liquor "Drift Ice Draft" made by Abashiri Beer. A refreshing mouthpiece with a refreshing blue color. It has a fruity scent reminiscent of juice.

Abashiri Beer "Drift Ice Draft"
You can buy it at product halls such as "Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza"

As the name suggests, Abashiri Beer is a local beer company headquartered in Abashiri City facing the Sea of Okhotsk in Eastern Hokkaido. In addition to various local beers, we also serve colorful sake such as the green "Shiretoko Draft" and the pink "Sakuramo no Shizuku" made from Abashiri cherries.

Among them, the drift ice draft is marked by the package and the refreshing blue of the liquid color. In addition to Hokkaido, you can get it at product halls such as "Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza" in Yurakucho, Tokyo. The selling price at Dosanko Plaza is 310 yen (excluding tax) for 350 ml cans. Alcohol is 5%.

Abashiri Beer "Drift Ice Draft"
Image of the Sea of Okhotsk with blue pigment taken from Gardenia jasminoides

It is said that drift ice, which is a winter tradition of Abashiri, is used for the water, and it is characterized by the citrus aroma of aroma hops and the easy-to-drink taste that suppresses bitterness. The liquid color that imaged the Sea of Okhotsk is produced with the natural pigment Gardenia jasminoides.

The name is reminiscent of winter, but in addition to being refreshing to look at, the place where it is very easy to go with a refreshing and refreshing mouthfeel is really suitable for summer. Add a dazzling blue low-malt beer to your usual beer, such as dark brown, golden, brown, or reddish brown. It can also be used as a small surprise when you call someone to your house or when you are called to someone's house.