KALDI's Cherry Blossom Drink

CALDY COFFEE FARM Cherry Blossom Drink Revue

Cherry blossom products are appearing one after another at KALDI Coffee Farm. Following the cherry blossom sweets we introduced the other day, we will review three drinks perfect for spring.

Petit Shuwa SAKURA no Sake

Additive-free sparkling sake made with rice, rice koji and cherry blossom flavor. The bottle is slowly turned upside down two or three times to mix the nigori ingredients before drinking. Containing 6% alcohol, it comes in 300 ml bottles and is priced at 699 yen (tax included, same as below).

KALDIo Original Petit Shuwa SAKURA Sake
Chill well before drinking.

Slightly effervescent, with a sizzling mouthfeel. The fine bubbles are accompanied by a pleasant cherry blossom aroma. It has a sweet yet refreshing taste. It is a gorgeous finish that makes us look forward to the arrival of spring.

KALDIo Original Petit Shuwa SAKURA Sake
A true "petit chouwa".

Ujien cherry blossom tea

Instant tea made by pouring 80-100 ml of hot water over 80°C. 3 bags, priced at 540 yen.

KALDI "Ujien cherry blossom tea
The lyrics to "Sakura Sakura" are written on the side

Cherry blossom petals softly open when hot water is poured. The elegant aroma is accompanied by the delicious flavor of kombu (kelp) and the sourness of ume vinegar. This is an elegant drink that can be enjoyed in the mood of cherry blossom viewing.

KALDI "Ujien cherry blossom tea
Pouring hot water

KALDI "Ujien cherry blossom tea

Tea Boutique Sakura Latte

Powder type instant latte. Put 3 teaspoons (about 8g (0.28oz)) in a cup, pour about 100ml (3.38us fl oz) of hot water and stir well. For iced, dissolve in 20 ml of hot water, then add water and stir. The price is 345 yen for about 13 cups.

KALDI "Tea Boutique Sakura Latte
Heart-pounding package

The taste is as gorgeous as its pink appearance. The mild sweetness and richness are gently enveloped by the cherry blossoms. The fragrance that rises up from the air is a delicious and comforting taste. It is delicious enough to be made with hot water, but you can enjoy a richer flavor by using milk.

KALDI "Tea Boutique Sakura Latte
Also for hospitality drinks

This cherry blossom drink is perfect for spring relaxation. It is also a great drink to enjoy with sakura sweets.