Limited time on the subway to "Mozzarella Dak-galbi"

At each sandwich chain "Subway" store (excluding some stores), the seasonal menu "Mozzarella Dak-galbi" will be released on August 28th. The price is 470 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). The sale period is scheduled until October 8.

This is a menu that uses "mozzarella mixed cheese" and "dak-galbi", which is a blend of gouda cheese and red cheddar cheese (all 100% natural cheese), with mozzarella cheese as the main character. Enjoy the moderate melting and elongation of mozzarella cheese, the mild and creamy taste of Gouda cheese, and the appetizing vibrant shades of red cheddar cheese.

"Dak-galbi", which uses gochujang and doubanjiang for tender chicken breast, goes well with the melted cheese. Melted cheese in juicy chicken breast spreads umami and richness when put in the mouth, and then stimulating spiciness.

You can also enjoy "mozzarella mixed cheese" as a topping on other sandwiches. The price is 100 yen for 2 scoops.