Subway "Classic Grilled Chicken

Classic Grilled Chicken and Pizza Grilled Chicken Jr. will be available at Subway starting September 14. authentic grilled sandwiches with smoky and fruity sauces.

Classic Grilled Chicken

The "Classic Grilled Chicken" is a luxurious fall-only sandwich with layers of fine aromas and flavors. It is made with a smoky and fruity sauce that has been a favorite of upscale steakhouses for many years. This has been rearranged and newly developed as an original sauce in the Subway style.

Subway "Classic Grilled Chicken

The first of our specialties is the smokiness of the sauce. The second is the fruity aftertaste. In addition to the sweetness of honey, the use of summer orange juice adds a refreshing flavor and aftertaste. The perfection of this combination of sauces has created a classic yet new Subway-style grilled chicken flavor. The "cut-off teriyaki chicken" dressed with this original sauce, mascarpone cheese, and crunchy vegetables are the best match. The price is 530 yen (tax included, same as below).

Pizza Grilled Chicken Jr.

A dish topped with a generous amount of cheese to enhance the aroma and flavor of grilled chicken. The "Pizza Sub" series is made with 42 grams of quattro cheese, the largest amount in Subway's history, and baked in a special oven to create a "rich, stretchy, melt-in-your-mouth cheese" taste. In order to balance the overall taste, the volume of the "Teriyaki Chicken" is less than that of the "Classic Grilled Chicken".

Subway "Classic Grilled Chicken

Recommended for cheese lovers who want to fully enjoy cheese. The flavor and sweetness of the newly developed sauce perfectly matches the richness of the generous amount of cheese, giving the sandwich a different taste. The price is 490 yen.