Subway "Italian Genoa Club" and "American BBQ Club

Subway "Italian

Genoa Club" and "American BBQ Club" Sandwich chain Subway will launch "Italian Genoa Club" and "American BBQ Club" on November 16. A "Good Meat Day" campaign will coincide with the launch.

THE Wild Crab House," which last year received the highest rating* for "eating satisfaction," "taste," and "satisfaction," is now available in two new flavors while maintaining its solid eating quality. The "weight," which supports the satisfaction level of the sandwich, is approximately 240 grams, surpassing last year's weight. This is the number one weight among the sandwiches released by Subway in 2022, and features high cost performance per volume.

The "Weight" of the sandwich is the number one weight among all sandwiches released by Subway in 2022, exceeding last year's weight by approximately 240 grams. THE Wild Crab House/Smoked Chili" recorded the top numbers in the categories of "mouth-feel," "taste," and "satisfaction score (weighted average).



Crab "Italian Genoa Crab" is made with basil chicken that offers a deep aroma of basil, spices and cheese. The aroma of basil fills the mouth from the first bite, and the sweetness of the pizza sauce gives it an Italian flavor. The price is 590 yen (tax included). Calories 396 kcal, carbohydrates 37.4g (0.14oz).

Subway "Italian Genoa Club



Club "American BBQ Club" features chicken tossed in a smoky, citrus-sweet BBQ sauce. The chili sauce adds a spicy touch. The Caesar dressing added as a finishing touch creates a rich aftertaste. Price: 590 yen. Calories 398kcal, sugar 41.7g (0.25oz).

Subway "American BBQ Club

Sales period] November 16, 2022-January 17, 2023 (ends when all of the products are gone)
[Sales outlets] All Subway stores (excluding some stores in leisure facilities, etc.)

"Good Meat Day" Campaign

"Italian Genoa Club" and "American BBQ Club" "Potato Drink Set" will be offered at a regular The price is 790 yen, 160 yen off the regular price of 950 yen. The period is from November 16 to 29.

Subway "Good Meat Day" Campaign