"Milksha" of "white tapioca" landed in Japan! ---

"Milksha" offers tapioca drinks with rich milk that is really, really, really delicious. The first store in Japan of "Milksha", which some people go to Taiwan just to have a drink here, will open in the Aoyama area of Tokyo.

"Milksha" of "white tapioca" landed in Japan!
Opened the first tapioca drink shop "Milksha" in Japan from Taiwan

"Milksha" is a tapioca stand from Taiwan that was started using concentrated milk squeezed at our ranch. There are already 218 stores in Taiwan.

"Milksha" of "white tapioca" landed in Japan! ---
Thank you, Mr. Cow!

It seems that the first store in Japan will also use rich and fresh milk made from 100% domestically produced milk. You will be able to enjoy homemade "white tapioca" that looks like a jewel, which is unique to "Milksha", in Japan.

The signature menus are "Tapioca Milk Tea" and "Taiko Taro Milk". Of these, "Tapioca Milk Tea" offers plenty of rich milk and white tapioca. The base tea can be selected from 4 types of tea leaves.

"Milksha" of "white tapioca" landed in Japan! ---

"Oko Taro Milk" is a drink made by tapping taro into thick milk. You can enjoy it like a sweet potato.

The Taiwanese store also offers 100% ice milk without tapioca or tea. Connoisseurs (?) Enjoy this ice milk, but I'm wondering what this taste will be like in Japan.

The store design of the first store is said to be supervised by the architect unit "TORAO + HSIEH ARCHITECTS" based in Tokyo and Taipei. The mark of the store is the white cow logo. If in doubt, aim for a white cow.

"Milksha" of "white tapioca" landed in Japan! ---
Thank you, Mr. Ushi (second time)

The planned opening location of the first store in Japan is the 1st floor of the INTELLEX Aoyama-dori Building, 2-9-11 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.