Chun Shui Tang Lumine Omiya Store Limited "Tapioca Chocolate Banana Milk Tea"

"Tapioca chocolate banana milk tea" is on sale again only at the Taiwanese cafe "Chun Shui Tang" Lumine Omiya store, which originated from tapioca milk tea. The price is 750 yen (tax included). The sale period is until January 20th.

Tapioca chocolate banana milk tea

"Tapioca chocolate banana milk tea", which will be revived only at the Omiya store this time, is a luxurious blend of sticky tapioca, fragrant black tea, chocolate, and raw banana with a juicer, topped with plenty of cream and chocolate syrup. a cup of. It is an arrangement tea that you can enjoy the rich taste of chocolate banana, the refreshing flavor of black tea, and the harmony of the texture of tapioca.

Chun Shui Tang

"Chun Shui Tang" is a Taiwanese cafe founded in Taiwan in 1983. It has gained popularity as the origin of tapioca milk tea, and has more than 50 stores throughout Taiwan. Since opening the Daikanyama store in Japan, which is the first overseas expansion of Chun Shui Tang in 2013, we have been driving the boom of "tapioca drinks" and "Taiwan sweets" with high-quality drinks and sweets that use various tea leaves and are particular about quality. rice field.