"KRY CAFE 20XX" opened on July 14th. Not only the trendy tapioca drinks, but also the pasta menu is substantial.

KRY CAFE 20XX open
"KRY CAFE 20XX" opened pink!

Produced by 6 popular models and influencers from the apparel brand KRY clothing. In order to fulfill their ambition to "open a full-fledged cafe from scratch", KRY clothing carried out a campaign to recruit investors on the crowdfunding site CAMPFIRE, and succeeded in opening this time.

The feature of the shop is the interior unique to the apparel brand production. The inside of the store, which is unified in pink, is full of cuteness.

The restaurant also features a nice-looking menu. You can enjoy crepes, galettes, and fresh pasta menus. There are many menu items that can be eat-in or To go.

KRY CAFE 20XX open
Pasta menu "whole tomato pasta"

Drink menu prices start at 450 yen. The pasta menu is 1,000 yen (only 1,100 yen for whole tomato pasta). Crepes start at 400-600 yen and galettes start at 900 yen.

KRY CAFE 20XX store information
Store location: 27-20 Senjunakaicho, Adachi-ku
Business hours: Weekdays 11:30 to 19:30 Saturdays and Sundays 13:00 to 19:30