Katsuya's "Curry Udon Katsudon"
Carbohydrates on Carbohydrates!

I ate Katsuya's "Curry Udon Katsudon". A menu where you can put carbohydrates on top of carbohydrates and enjoy them with fried food. I had to be a little prepared when ordering, but I was satisfied with what I saw.

The price is 637 yen (tax included). I order at the store and wait for a while. What appeared was a bowl with plenty of udon entwined with keema curry. Next to it is a chicken cutlet with a crispy batter. There is a lot of rice underneath. As a vegetable, bright green chopped green onions are on it, but carbohydrates are still overwhelming. It's a lump of sugar.

Katsuya's "Curry Udon Katsudon"
Green onion is a vegetable element

First of all, try eating a bite of udon while being terrified. It is softly boiled and has no elasticity, and the minced keema curry is evenly entwined throughout, giving it a sweet and spicy flavor. It seems better to chew and taste it instead of enjoying the throat like ordinary udon noodles.

Katsuya's "Curry Udon Katsudon"
Keema curry is firmly entwined in udon

Chicken cutlet has a light texture. You can also feel the taste of chicken. The contrast between udon and the texture is interesting, so put it in your mouth together.

Katsuya's "Curry Udon Katsudon"
The cutlet is crispy

The cutlet and udon go well together, and that's enough to make a dish, so as a result of eating only the upper half of the bowl, the rice at the bottom was quite abundant at the end.

However, thanks to the plenty of keema curry in the rice, it can be flattened without any problems. If you have a rusty mouth, you can take the pickles on the table, and it seems that there is no mistake in the order of cutlet and udon, then rice.

After I finished eating, I felt a little guilty, but I felt that the carbohydrates were delicious.