McDonald's "Oreo Chocolate Frappe" "Strawberry Oreo Chocolate Frappe"

The popular "Oreo Chocolate Frappe" is back at McDonald's "McCafe by Barista" store. In addition, a new product "Strawberry Oreo Chocolate Frappe" will be released. Limited time offer from June 26th to mid-September.

The Oreo chocolate frappe was sold for a limited time in March of this year (2019) and was well received. The richness of chocolate flavor and the bittersweetness of cocoa are topped with whipped cream, a sauce made from Belgian couverture chocolate, and a crispy cocoa-flavored Oreo cookie. The price starts from M size 390 yen (tax included, same below).

McDonald's "Oreo Chocolate Frappe"
Oreo chocolate frappe

Strawberry Oreo chocolate frappe, on the other hand, is a combination of bittersweet and rich chocolate frappe with a flesh-like strawberry sauce. Topped with cocoa-flavored Oreo cookies, a sauce made from whipped cream and Belgian couverture chocolate. The price starts from 410 yen for M size.

McDonald's "Strawberry Oreo Chocolate Frappe"
Strawberry Oreo Chocolate Frappe