Daisen Dairy Farmers Cooperative "Shirobara Milk Bar" and "Shirobara Coffee Milk Bar

The "Shirobara" brand is well-known in Tottori Prefecture. Various products such as " Shirobara Coffee" and "Shirobara Milk," which were previously introduced in En-En-Koku, are now available.

This time, I found an ice cream bar at a supermarket in Tokyo. I was attracted by the packaging, which instantly identifies them as a "Shirobara brand," and purchased a pack of eight bars priced at 259 yen each (tax not included).

Shirobara Milk Bar

Ice cream bar made with only raw milk, dairy products, and sugar. It contains 80% raw milk from Tottori Prefecture.

Daisen Dairy Farmers Cooperative "Shirobara Milk Bar

It has a crunchy texture and a clean sweetness at first. As it melts under the heat of your tongue, it asserts its milky richness. The good thing is that it is made with simple ingredients, so you can enjoy the full flavor of milk. It is as if you are tasting chilled milk.

Daisen Dairy Farmers Cooperative "Shirobara Milk Bar
I could eat about 3 at once.

White rose coffee milk bar

An ice cream bar made in the image of White Rose Coffee. It contains 60% raw milk produced in Tottori Prefecture. No flavoring or coloring is used to bring out the flavor of the ingredients.

Daisen Dairy Farmers Cooperative "Shirobara Coffee Milk Bar

Smoother in the mouth than a milk bar. The richness of the raw milk used in the bar is the main flavor, with a hint of coffee. It has a mild taste without bitterness or sourness, and both adults and children can enjoy it together.

Daisen Dairy Farmers Cooperative "Shirobara Coffee Milk Bar
Clean aftertaste

Both are mini-sized and perfect for a snack when you are hungry. White rose milk fans, you gotta try 'em!