Cafe Comsa "American Cherry Chocolat Shortcake"

"American Cherry Chocolat Shortcake" will be released on "Shortcake Day (22nd)" in June at each "Cafe Comsa" store that offers cakes using seasonal fruits carefully selected from production areas and farms all over Japan. Will be done. A one-day cake with plenty of deeply sweet American cherries.

Limited shortcake series that is only available on the 22nd of every month. June is a cake with abundantly sweet American cherries that is unique to this season. It is decorated with a fluffy sponge along with sweet and sour griot cream. Smooth chocolate cream is sandwiched in the center.

The price is as follows.

Commeca Stage Ginza store: 1 piece 1,100 yen (tax included, same below)
Shibuya Seibu store, Honkawagoe Pepe store, Kashiwanoha T-SITE store, Iias Tsukuba store, Takasaki Opa store, Emifull MASAKI store: 1 piece 702 yen * Cake design is different. Also changed to plain sponge instead of chocolate sponge Stores other than the above: 1 piece 1,026 yen