Nissin Cisco "Mineral Salt Sable"
Measures against heat with sable?

From the "Coconut Sable" series, a new product "Mineral Salt Sable" that is perfect for summer will be released on May 20th. The estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax).

This is a collaboration product with Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, which recorded the highest temperature in Japan at 41.1 degrees Celsius in July last year (2018). It contains 4 kinds of minerals "magnesium", "sodium", "calcium", "iron" and "citric acid" that are easily lost by sweat.

Uses 5.2% of Kumagaya wheat, which is also known as the "sanctuary of domestic wheat". You can enjoy the sweet and sour taste of the refreshing grapefruit flavor with salt accents.

Nissin Cisco "Mineral Salt Sable"
Individual packaging with message (8 types in total)