Nissin Cisco "Coconut Sable [An Butter]"

Nissin Cisco will release "Coconut Sable [An Butter]" as the 4th in the "New Retro" series on November 15th. Contents 20 sheets (5 sheets x 4 bags).

Coconut sable [red bean paste]

In recent years, "retro culture", in which you can positively enjoy old-fashioned things that give you a feeling of "warmth" and "nostalgia," has become popular among young people. Therefore, this time, the 4th limited-time product series of "Coconut Sable" with the theme of "New + Retro" that reinterprets the culture of a long time ago with a new modern sensibility will be released.

In recent years, "evolutionary bean paste sweets" have become a boom, with the appearance of specialty stores. Among them, the classic combination of "anko x butter" represented by "Ogura toast" is beginning to be widely used in Western confectionery.

"Coconut sable [an butter]" is a product that expresses the deliciousness of "sweetness of anko x richness of butter" with "coconut sable". The package is based on warm colors and has a retro touch design. It is a subdivided package that you can enjoy a crispy texture at any time, and four types of illustrations are designed on the inner bag.

Nissin Cisco "Coconut Sable [An Butter]"

Coconut sable

"Coconut Sable" is a long-selling brand that was born on July 2, 1965. It is loved for its crispy, unpleasant taste that has been passed down since its release, with almost no changes to the raw materials or manufacturing method.