Nissin Sysco "Coconut Sable [Baked Cheese]".

Coconut Sable

[Baked Cheese]

Nissin Sysco will release "Coconut Sable [Baked Cheese]". The product will go on sale on February 6. It will be available for purchase on February 6, 2012, and will contain 16 pieces (4 pieces x 4 bags) at an open price.



"Coconut Sable" has been a long-selling brand since its birth on July 2, 1965, and has been loved for its "crispy, never-ending deliciousness" inherited from the time of its launch, with almost no change in ingredients or manufacturing methods. In response to the recent popularity of retro culture, in which young people enjoy nostalgic things in a positive way, the company has developed a limited-time "Coconut Sable" series under the theme of "New Retro" (New + Retro), in which old culture is reinterpreted and enjoyed with new sensibilities of the modern age.

Coconut Sablé


Cheese] "Coconut Sablé [Baked Cheese]" is a limited time offer with the motif of "imported retro," meaning overseas retro culture, and is a reinterpretation of the deliciousness of "baked cheese cake," which is said to have its origins in Europe, in the "coconut sablé" style. This is a limited time only product with a unique twist. The rich flavor of the dough, made with cheddar cheese and fermented butter, is enhanced with the taste of lemon, and a small amount of salt is used to accentuate the richness and sharpness of the cheese. The package is designed in a deep yellow color with a vintage-like font and illustrations to evoke the image of a baked cheesecake.