McDonald's "Renamed Burgers"

At each McDonald's store, the popular "Kalbi Mac", "Egg Double Mac", and "Icon Chicken Salt & Lemon" that appeared in the past will be on sale for a limited time from May 8 (excluding some stores). .. The price is 420 yen each (tax included).

All three products sold as "Renamed Burgers" are products that are often requested to reappear. This time, in order to survive, the name will be changed to a popular name in the world. The name change will be announced at 9:30 on May 7th.

The Karubi Mac is a product that first appeared in 1998 for a limited time. Sandwich with sesame buns with beef and juicy 100% beef patty soaked in spicy sauce. The refreshing sweet lemon sauce and lettuce enhance the taste of the beef.

McDonald's "Karubi Mac"

The Egg Double Mac is a popular product that has been revived many times since its first appearance in 1998. Two juicy beef patties, plump eggs, smoky bacon and spicy sauce are sandwiched.

McDonald's "Egg Double Mac"

Icon Chicken Salt & Lemon was sold as a regular menu in 2010, and this is the first product to be revived. Juicy lemon-flavored thighs, lettuce, onions, cheese, lemon and salted sauce are sandwiched.

McDonald's "Icon Chicken Salt & Lemon"