Nagasaki famous confectionery "Cruz"

Nagasaki's famous confectionery "Cruz" was born in 1964 when the Tokyo Olympics were held. A long-selling product of Obama Foods, which has been loved by the people of Nagasaki for more than half a century.

Cruz, which means the cross in Portuguese. The package also has a cross and nuns drawn on it, giving it a Nagasaki-like design with an exotic atmosphere.

Nagasaki famous confectionery "Cruz"
The background is a Japanese pattern

Sandwich white chocolate with ginger scent on lightly baked flour dough. Matsumoto Farm Shimabara 100-year-old ginger, which is characterized by its mild spiciness, is used. The purchase price for 3 pieces is 260 yen (tax included).

Nagasaki famous confectionery "Cruz"
Simple individual wrapping

The dough is crunchy and the chocolate in between is crisp and light. The mellow sweetness begins to melt on the tongue, and the ginger is tingling. The slightly spicy aftertaste seems to be addictive.

Nagasaki famous confectionery "Cruz"
Marked on the fabric

In addition to the standard cruz, various flavors are available. I bought 3 kinds.

・ Cruz coffee

Sandwich coffee chocolate with the original dough baked with "Coffee loved by Ryoma". "Coffee loved by Ryoma" is an original product arranged by OK Office Coffee, which reproduces the roasting method at the end of the Edo period.

Nagasaki famous confectionery "Cruz coffee"
Ryoma fans should definitely

A mellow scent that spreads with sweetness. The crisp taste brings depth to the taste. A dish that you want to enjoy with coffee while thinking about the end of the Edo period.

Nagasaki famous confectionery "Cruz coffee"
Light texture

・ Happy Cruz

Sandwich white chocolate mixed with powdered strawberries with a dough kneaded with strawberry puree. By freeze-drying Sachinoka strawberries from Nagasaki prefecture, it is finished without using coloring agents or preservatives.

Nagasaki famous confectionery "Happy Cruz"
Cute package

The slightly pink white chocolate and the dough are rich in strawberry flavor. The refreshing sweetness pops out. As the name suggests, it has a gorgeous taste that makes you feel happy.

Nagasaki famous confectionery "Happy Cruz"
I hope you're happy

・ Cruz Matcha

Cruz using the special matcha grown in Higashisonogi Town, Nagasaki Prefecture. The individual wrapping with a stained glass-like design is wonderful.

Nagasaki famous confectionery "Cruz Matcha"
Like a work of art

A deep flavor that spreads slowly. Along with the aroma of wheat, the aroma of matcha will disappear. A refreshing aftertaste that is sweet but sharp.

Nagasaki famous confectionery "Cruz Matcha"
A mix of Japanese and Western

Nagasaki's famous confectionery "Cruz" is loved by men and women of all ages. Why don't you add it to your Nagasaki souvenir options?