Mister Donut "Tapioca Drink"

At each Mister Donut store, four types of "tapioca drinks" will be released on April 26 (excluding some stores). Sales are scheduled to end in late September.

Developed products with the keyword "the more you chew, the more delicious it becomes." Colored and flavored tapioca is used, and you can enjoy it even if you eat only the sticky tapioca or drink it with a drink.

The lineup includes "Tapioca Milk Tea" made by pouring milk into Black Ti Tapioca, "Tapioca Matcha Milk" made by pouring milk into Matcha Tapioca, "Tapioca Mango Orange" made by pouring orange juice into Mango Tapioca, and Soda Carbonate in Strawberry Tapioca. Pour "tapioca strawberry soda".