Mr. Donut "Tapioca Strawberry Soda

I want to taste tapioca from fast food and chain restaurants, not specialty stores! I started this series on my own. So far, I have tasted tapioca drinks from Bamiyan,Fujiya, andFast Kitchen, but this time I have tasted a tapioca drink currently on sale at Mister Donut!

Miss Donut Tapioca Drink

Miss Donut's tapioca drinks come in four colorful varieties. Tapioca Milk Tea," which combines black tea tapioca with milk, "Tapioca Green Tea Milk," which combines green tea tapioca with milk, "Tapioca Mango Orange," which combines mango tapioca with orange juice, and "Tapioca Strawberry Soda," which combines strawberry tapioca with soda. They are.

Mr. Donut "Tapioca Strawberry Soda
Four types of tapioca drinks (Image source: Mister Donut's official website)

Tapioca Strawberry Soda

I've never had a tapioca and soda combination before, so today I'm trying the Tapioca Strawberry Soda!

Mr. Donut "Tapioca Strawberry Soda

When you suck the bright red strawberry soda through a straw, the sizzling carbonation and the sweetness of the strawberries pop in your mouth at the same time. It tastes exciting, like strawberry shaved ice during summer vacation! Then, the chewy texture of the tapioca pops into your mouth one after another. The tapioca is also red, and as you bite into it, the strawberry flavor oozes out.

Mr. Donut "Tapioca Strawberry Soda
Schwashy, crackling strawberry-flavored carbonation

Mr. Donut "Tapioca Strawberry Soda
Strawberry-flavored tapioca, like cherries

I guess "shwashuwa" and "mochi-mochi" go together better than I thought! It is refreshing and chewy, and perfect for filling a small stomach on a hot day. It is a different taste from the mild and rich tapioca milk tea.

Sold out at certain times of the day?

At a certain store in the Kanto area, the tapioca drink is available from 11:00 a.m. and is sold out by 2:00 p.m. at the earliest. Well, that's just how popular they are! Please be careful, as the quantity seems to be limited depending on the store.