Mister Donut "misdo meets Chen Kenichi THE Sichuan Special"

Three types of "misdo meets Chen Kenichi THE Sichuan Special" dim sum, which was jointly developed with Mr. Chen Kenichi, will be on sale for a limited time from October 8th to the end of March at each Mister Donut dim sum shop. The lineup includes "Sichuan Tantan Maze Noodles," "Sichuan Uma Spicy Maze Noodles," and "Shrimp Vegetable Soba," which reproduce the popular menu of "Akasaka Sichuan Restaurant," owned by Mr. Chen Kenichi.

misdo meets Chen Kenichi THE Sichuan Special

Sichuan Dandan Noodles

Mister Donut "Sichuan Dandan Noodles"

A dish that reproduces the popular menu "Shirunashi Tantanmen (with black vinegar)" from Akasaka Sichuan Restaurant. Season with minced pork fried in Tianmian sauce and soy sauce, black vinegar, soy sauce, and kneaded sesame sauce with sauce, doubanjiang, malajan, and huajao. The sauce is matched. The price is 626 yen for To go (tax included, same below) and 638 yen for eat-in.

Sichuan Uma Spicy Noodles

Mister Donut "Sichuan Uma Spicy Mixed Noodles"

Original mixed noodles developed by Mr. Chen Kenichi for Mister Donut. Tamari soy sauce with garlic and chili oil is entwined with five-spice powder (Wu Shan Feng), green onions, and ginger, which are indispensable in China, and soaked overnight. I am. The price is 626 yen for To go and 638 yen for eat-in.

Shrimp vegetable soba

Mister Donut "Shrimp Vegetable Soba"

The popular "Shrimp Vegetable Soba" that was sold in October last year (2020 yen) is back. The popular "soba with shrimp" at Akasaka Sichuan Restaurant has been reproduced. The ingredients are topped with shrimp, Chinese cabbage, wood ear, bamboo shoots, and green onions. It is a dish with a gentle taste that is characterized by a thick plain hot water soup. The price is 583 yen for eat-in (no To go).