Matsuya "Chicken curry stewed around"
Plenty of chicken!

Matsuya's "Korokoro Stewed Chicken Curry" was back, so I ate it. It really contains a lot of chicken peaches, and I can be happy because I still have them even if I eat them.

According to the explanation of the menu, it is a delicious dish with chicken peach baked on an iron plate added to a refreshing Matsuya original curry that contains several kinds of spices. The selling price is 590 yen (tax included, same below) for (normal) and 690 yen for (large). It comes with miso soup. This time it will be average.

Matsuya "Chicken curry stewed around"
It's Matsuya, so it comes with miso soup!

The rice and curry are separated into separate plates, and there is plenty of chicken to see. As soon as you sprinkle the curry on the rice, it overflows from the edge and almost spills.

Matsuya "Chicken curry stewed around"
Teppanyaki chicken is put in without any stains

When you bring the curry to your mouth with rice, it has a strong spice scent. This is the usual deliciousness, but this time the leading role is chicken peach.

When I scoop up the meat with a spoon, it's very fluffy, and I'm very satisfied with just a sip, and I'm glad that there are many, and even if I taste each one, it doesn't decrease so much.

Matsuya "Chicken curry stewed around"

The onions with plenty of sauce are also well cooked and sweet, and go well with curry and chicken. Finally, drink warm miso soup to soothe the spicy tongue. It's a good set for both lunch and dinner.