Neo Cafe KING "Flat-reared egg rich pudding" and "KING Americaine curry"

Neo Cafe KING

Food select shop cafe "Neo Cafe KING". Located on the first basement floor of Hankyu Men's Tokyo in Yurakucho.

A restaurant where you can enjoy the "deliciousness of Tokyo" supervised by chefs who lead the food culture. The menu is an arrangement of the "standard coffee shop menu" such as curry, sandwiches, omelet rice, and coffee.

Appearance of Neo Cafe KING
The inside is spacious

KING Americaine Curry

Curry by Shinsuke Ishii of the 2019 Michelin 1-star French restaurant "Sincere". Carefully extracted shrimp broth and chicken broth are used. Serve with fritted onions and zucchini. The price is 1,300 yen (tax included, same below).

Neo Cafe KING "KING Americaine Curry"
Easily taste the taste of popular stores

Rich flavor that spreads from the smooth roux. A mild spiciness follows after a deep richness. The sweetness of the onions and zucchini, which have a moderate texture, complements the spicy aroma. Furthermore, the shrimp of the ingredients leads to a deeper taste.

Neo Cafe KING "KING Americaine Curry"
Shrimp is pre-prepared

Thick pudding of flat-reared eggs

A dish by Atsushi Kurumada of Harajuku's bakery "The Little BAKERY Tokyo". Eggs born from chickens raised flat and stress-free are used. The price is 550 yen.

Neo Cafe KING "Flat-reared egg rich pudding"
Beautiful form

The glossy pudding has a moist mouthfeel that sticks to your tongue. It melts surprisingly smoothly when you raise your teeth while it is firm. The cream adds a milky sweetness to the mellow taste that makes the best use of the richness of the egg.

Neo Cafe KING "Flat-reared egg rich pudding"
Moist and smooth

Sprinkle a generous amount of caramel sauce on the bottom and it's luxurious. A faint bitterness snuggles up to the pudding. It's not too sweet overall and is perfect for dessert after a meal.

Neo Cafe KING "Flat-reared egg rich pudding"
Only happiness

Homemade KING cream soda

Soda made from homemade syrup using real melon. It is topped with lamb and cherry ice cream developed for this purpose by the ice cream diner "BIG BABY ICE CREAM". The price is 850 yen.

Neo Cafe KING "Homemade KING Cream Soda"
Even bright red cherries

A crispy melon pops out of the straw. Carbonic acid bursts with its fresh sweetness. I'm glad that it contains more flesh than I imagined.

Over time, the ice will gradually melt. The sweet and sour cherry has a fluffy rum scent. The refreshing soda is added with richness, giving it a luxurious feel like a parfait!

Neo Cafe KING "Homemade KING Cream Soda"
I want to buy this ice box

The shop also has a large lineup of attractive menus such as "BUY ME sandwich", "Naporitan with extra-thick pasta", and "Buttermilk pancake". There is also a wide selection of drinks such as coffee. It seems that it can be used in various scenes from when you want to eat well to when you want to take a break during shopping.