Kiyoken's "Yokohama Mooncake Mango" is delicious! Plenty of tropical fruit
Rich mango flavor

I bought the seasonal sweets "Yokohama Mooncake Mango" from Kiyoken because they were lined up at the store. With plenty of tropical fruit, you can enjoy the summeriness as soon as possible.

When you think of Kiyoken, the first thing that comes to mind is shumai, but when you see mooncakes with flavors that match the spring, summer, autumn, and winter shumai, you'll want to pick them up. The price is 160 yen (tax included) per piece.

Kiyoken's "Yokohama Mooncake Mango"
Seasonal taste is again this year

Alfonso mango puree, which has a strong sweetness, and bean paste, which contains diced dry mango, which has a moderate acidity, are stuffed and baked. When you try it, the sweet and sour taste spreads in your mouth with a clear fruity scent.

Kiyoken's "Yokohama Mooncake Mango"
There is also a crispy texture of dry mango

The individuality of the tropical fruit is on the front, and the flavor of the bean paste made from green beans is a little hazy.

If you compare it, it tastes like concentrated mango juice. If you bite it little by little, you can enjoy the texture of the crispy flesh of the mixed dry mango.

Kiyoken's "Yokohama Mooncake Mango"
Even if you cut it into small pieces, the color of the bean paste will shine.

By the way, the bean paste has a very beautiful color that is somewhere between gold and orange, so you might buy it with other flavors of mooncakes, cut it into small pieces, and share it.