Kiyoken and Nakamuraya "Sakura" Mooncake
Kiyoken on the left and Nakamuraya's "Sakura" mooncake on the right

I can't wait for the flowers to bloom these days. The seasonal "Sakura" -flavored mooncakes from Kiyoken and Nakamuraya are fun sweets for spring vacations. It's a good idea, so I tried to compare the two this time.

"Sakura" moon cakes from Kiyoken and Nakamuraya
Contents is like this

Kiyoken's "Yokohama Mooncake Sakura" is a moist dough filled with sticky sakura-flavored bean paste. The top is decorated with pretty salted cherry blossoms, which is really fashionable. When I grab it, it seems that there are flowers in the pink bean paste.

Kiyoken "Yokohama Mooncake Sakura"
Kiyoken's "Yokohama Mooncake Sakura"

Kiyoken "Yokohama Mooncake Sakura"
Sticky, fragrant red bean paste

Each bite has a strong, sweet floral scent that fills the nasal passages. Is it a feeling similar to eating the Japanese sweet "Sakuramochi"? Like other Kiyoken mooncakes, it's small in size, so it might be just right for you to enjoy alone.

Kiyoken "Yokohama Mooncake Sakura"
Topped with cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms on bean paste

Nakamuraya's "Sakura Mooncake" is a dough that feels like baked goods, and is filled with refreshing sakura-flavored bean paste. I feel the chicness of the embossed "Sakura" characters and flower designs. The pale red-purple bean paste has a hint of cherry blossoms.

Nakamuraya "Sakura Mooncake"
Nakamuraya's "Sakura Mooncake"

Nakamuraya "Sakura Mooncake"
The bean paste is pale magenta and has a faint scent of cherry blossoms.

The more you taste it, the more you can feel the slight scent. It seems that the salted cherry leaves are used for the flavor. The impression is that a Japanese taste is casually added to the well-baked Chinese sweets. The size is a little big, so you can cut it with a knife and enjoy it with someone while drinking hot tea.

Nakamuraya "Sakura Mooncake"
Finished with a feeling of baked goods

As for the impression of eating and comparing, if you want to enjoy the scent of cherry blossoms, I definitely recommend Kiyoken. Nakamuraya would be better if the mooncake-likeness was on the front.

The selling price is 160 yen (tax included, same below) for Kiyoken's "Yokohama Mooncake Sakura" and 130 yen for Nakamuraya's "Sakura Mooncake".