Kiyoken's "Yokohama Mooncake Orange"
"Orange" taste appeared in Yokohama moon cake

Yokohama moon cake orange

I tried Kiyoken's seasonal mooncake "Yokohama Mooncake Orange". It is a dish with a strong citrus aroma, which is a mixture of sticky bean paste with a crunchy texture and plenty of orange peel.

Kiyoken's "Yokohama Mooncake Orange"
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Kiyoken is famous for its shumai, but one of the pleasures of looking at the shop is the moon cake that appears in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The orange flavor started selling in June, and the price is 160 yen (tax included), which is the same as the others.

The moist skin of Kiyoken's moon cake is filled with red bean paste made from green beans. It looks like white bean paste, but the citrus is so strong that it may be called marmalade bean paste.

Kiyoken "Yokohama Mooncake Orange"
The skin is moist

A large amount of orange peel is noticed as soon as you bite it. Each bite has a sweet and bitter flavor on the tongue, so it's more like a Western confectionery than a Chinese confectionery.

Kiyoken "Yokohama Mooncake Orange"
With jelly in the center

In addition, there was sweet and sour jelly in the center. This has a smooth texture unlike the surrounding bean paste, and has an accent that is different from the orange peel. When cooled in a refrigerator, the texture and acidity of the jelly and the refreshing flavor of the mint spirit used as a secret ingredient stand out. It may not be a bad idea to buy two and compare them with room temperature.