Oimoya-san Koshin's Daigakuimo

Sweet potato confectionery specialty store "Oimoyasan Koshin". This shop was opened by Kawako Shoten, a sweet potato wholesaler founded in 1876.

Oimoya-san Koshin

In Asakusa, Tokyo, which has several stores, I visited the Asakusa Dempoin Street store this time. It is about a 5-minute walk from Asakusa Station.

Oimoya-san Koshin Asakusa Dempoin Street
There is a chair in front of the store

An irresistible lineup for sweet potato lovers such as Daigakuimo, sweet potatoes, and potato yokan. After hesitation, I bought two types of Daigakuimo "Azuma" and "Satsuma". You can eat it on the spot, but I decided to take it home and eat it at home.

Oimoya-san Koshin's Daigakuimo
With easy-to-understand stickers

Daigakuimo is a product in which sweet potatoes are fried in high-quality oil and entwined with plenty of family honey. It is sprinkled with black sesame seeds. I'm glad that each one is big.

Daigakuimo "Azuma"

Carefully selected and used "Veneer Zuma" varieties with good color and taste. It is cultivated under contract in Indonesia and Vietnam, which has a climate suitable for sweet potato production.

Oimoya-san Koshin's Daigakuimo

The surface is crisp and the inside is moist and smooth. Sweet potatoes with a mild sweetness and a sweet, slightly salty dense trolley. The sesame aroma accentuates the taste, making it simple yet addictive.

Oimoya-san Koshin's Daigakuimo
The difference in texture between the outside and the inside is fun

Daigakuimo "Satsuma"

Uses contract-grown red Satsuma from Kagoshima prefecture and red high-grade from Chiba prefecture. The skin color and flesh color are both dark and flavorful.

Oimoya-san Koshin's Daigakuimo
Big & heavy

Soft and soft texture. The rich sweetness of sweet potatoes and honey spreads throughout your mouth. Mysteriously, the aftertaste is not dull, and it is a little dangerous taste that you can eat one by one.

Oimoya-san Koshin's Daigakuimo
It goes well with refreshing green tea

When both are heated in the microwave, they give a hook-and-eye finish like roasted sweet potatoes. "Azuma" has a more mellow sweetness, and "Satsuma" has a rich taste with a tightly condensed sweetness. You can enjoy a taste that is a bit different from when you eat at room temperature.

Oimoya-san Koshin's Daigakuimo
It ’s easy to get honey, so entangle it a lot.

In addition to the above two types of Daigakuimo, "Komachi" and "Miyabi" are also available. It seems fun to eat and compare all kinds with family and friends.