KALDI "Matcha Daifuku Ice Cream"
(The source of the image is KALDI official website)

We have compiled a list of "Matcha flavor" products newly released at each KALDI Coffee Farm store (excluding some stores)! "Matcha Azuki Cake" and "Matcha Daifuku Ice Cream".

■ [Moheji] Matcha milk beans

KALDI "Matcha Milk Beans"

A product made by wrapping peanuts in domestic matcha and finishing it with a milk flavor. It goes well with coffee as well as tea. Enjoy the gentle sweetness of bittersweet matcha and milk. The price is 270 yen (tax included, same below).

■ [Original] Matcha Azuki Cake

KALDI "Matcha Azuki Cake"

A cake made by wrapping cream using Kyoto Uji matcha in two types of dough. The dough kneaded with azuki beans from Hokkaido and the milk-flavored dough go well with matcha cream. You can enjoy the moderate sweetness of azuki beans and the bittersweetness of matcha. The price is 388 yen.

■ [Original] Matcha & Hojicha Konjac Jelly

KALDI "Matcha & Hojicha Konjac Jelly"

Spring-only "Original Konjac Jelly" where you can enjoy "Matcha", which has a good balance between the bittersweetness and elegant sweetness of Uji Matcha, and "Hojicha", which has a fragrant scent of tea leaves. The price is 280 yen.

■ [Original] Matcha Daifuku Ice Cream

KALDI "Matcha Daifuku Ice Cream"

Daifuku ice cream is made by wrapping a bittersweet and elegant matcha ice cream with moderately sweet bean paste and mochi. Enjoy the fluffy scent of tea. The price is 162 yen.

* Handling status varies depending on the store. In addition, it may be out of stock.