Fujiya pastry shop "yoshikitty macaroon"
Weir X!

"Yoshikitty macaroons" will be released on April 26th at each Fujiya pastry shop.

yoshikitty macaron is a macaron in which Peko co-starred with the character "yoshikitty", which is a collaboration between YOSHIKI of rock band "X JAPAN" and "Hello Kitty" of Sanrio. It will be sold as a set (864 yen including tax) with 3 different designs and 1 flavor of macaroons, 3 in total.

The flavors are "red wine flavor dedicated to YOSHIKI who loves yoshikitty wine", "rose flavor expressing the rose that expresses the world view of X JAPAN pattern yoshikitty", "Peko pattern Peko-chan is also X! Taste. "

In addition, two types of packages will be prepared, Yoshikita and Peko-chan, who decided on the "X pose". It seems that YOSHIKI's quote that touches the heart is printed on the inside of the box.

Fujiya pastry shop "yoshikitty macaroon"
Two types of packages to choose from