Fujiya "Kiki & Larama Karon (Litchi)" "Kiki & Larama Karon (Strawberry Cheesecake)"

"Kiki & Larama Karon (Litchi)" and "Kiki & Larama Karon (Strawberry Cheesecake)" in collaboration with Sanrio will be released on June 22nd at the Fujiya pastry shop. The price is 180 yen each (tax included).

Sanrio Characters Macaron where Hello Kitty and My Melody have been developed. This time, flavors based on the images of "Kiki" and "Lara" from Little Twin Stars will be released.

Lychee is a beautiful blue macaron fabric with Kiki's face printed on it, and sandwiched with cream containing lychee syrup. It is finished in a refreshing taste.

Strawberry cheesecake is a cute pink macaron dough with Lara's face printed on it, and strawberry cheese cream with strawberry freeze-dried is sandwiched. It seems that you can enjoy the sweet and sour taste.

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