"Hello Kitty Apple Cake" at the airport only
Perfect for souvenirs

The renewed "Hello Kitty Apple Cake" is on sale from the Tokyo souvenir brand "Tokyo Banana World". Prices start from 600 yen (excluding tax) for 4 pieces. Limited to Narita Airport and Haneda Airport international flights.

This is a sweet made by collaboration between Tokyo Banana and Hello Kitty. Since it was released in February last year (2018), it seems to be a popular product that has sold more than 2.4 million units in one year.

"Hello Kitty Apple Cake" at the airport only

The apple jelly inside is made with the acidity of apples to give it a confiture-like, thick texture. By changing the surrounding cream from milk cream to custard cream, it seems to be more compatible with apples.

In addition, the package has been changed to a design that enhances the cuteness of Hello Kitty. Recommended as a souvenir.

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