Mos Burger "Osamu Mala Sauce"

"Mala Mos Burger with Numbing Sichuan Pepper Sauce " sold at Mos Burger. The "Osamu Mala Sauce" that can be added to this was sold only at some stores, but due to its popularity, it will be expanded to stores nationwide from February 15 (excluding some).

Mala Mos Burger is a hamburger that you can enjoy unprecedented "spicyness". For those who want to add more spiciness, a chasing mala sauce is available for 90 yen (tax included).

Oyster sauce is used as a base for Oyster sauce, and is made by combining chili peppers, doubanjiang, Chinese pepper with a strong scent, and red pepper with a strong numbness. White miso and black pepper are added to the secret flavor.