Moss "Rilakkuma collaboration toys"

Toys in collaboration with "Rilakkuma" will be released on November 19th at each Mos Burger store (excluding some stores) as a set for children and a set of low allergen menus. Limited time until early February 2021.

"Rilakkuma" is a healing character that has been loved by people of all ages since its birth in 2003. A bear in a costume that continues to be taken care of while staying at the office lady Kaoru's house, and picture books and related goods are also long-selling.

The illustrations include "Rilakkuma", a white bear "Korilakkuma", a yellow bird "Kiiroitori", and a "Chai Roy Cogma" living in a honey forest. A special collaboration design of "Moss x Rilakkuma" was also produced this time.

There are four types of collaboration toys: Pukupuku stickers, pop-up cards, magnet sheets, and bansoko. You can choose one of your favorite toys by purchasing a set for the target children or a set with a low allergen menu. In addition, Rilakkuma will appear in various places such as hamburger wrapping paper and tray mats.

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