Lawson Store 100's "Spicy Spicy Fair"
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At each Lawson Store 100 store, the "Spicy Spicy Fair" will be held from February 6th. A total of 7 items such as rice balls and sandwiches that are spicy and spicy are available.

"Spicy mapo chicken cutlet bowl" is a product of white rice topped with mapo sauce using Japanese pepper and chili oil, and a whole large chicken cutlet. Japanese pepper is attached separately. The price is 378 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson Store 100 "Spicy Mapo Chicken Katsu Don"
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The "Spicy Yakiniku Roll Set" is a sushi roll with takana using pork, chicken soboro, and Chinese pepper. The rice seasoned with gochujang has a spicy spiciness and umami, and it has a stimulating taste in which sweat slowly oozes. The price is 216 yen.

Lawson Store 100 "Spicy Yakiniku Roll Set"
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"Spicy mustard chicken" is served with chicken thighs seasoned with chili sauce on top of stir-fried bean sprouts, and topped with pickled mustard with pepper. Not only as a snack for sake, but also as a side dish, it is a dish that goes well with rice. The price is 216 yen.

Lawson Store 100 "Spicy mustard chicken"
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In addition, "Spicy Spicy Mazesoba-style Onigiri", "Hand-rolled Onigiri Spicy Spicy Mustard" (108 yen each), "Spicy Spicy Mazesoba-style Sandwich", "Spicy Spicy Takana Yakisoba" (216 yen each) will be sold.