Blue Bottle Coffee "New Orleans"
It's more like coffee latte than ice latte. However, the taste and aroma of beans are rich.

As the temperature goes down, I have more opportunities to drink hot coffee, but I still want to enjoy ice cream. On warm days, you can also enjoy the "New Orleans" with blue bottle coffee. It is a rich cup with plenty of milk and a little sweetness.

Blue bottle coffee
Let's go to the blue bottle

New Orleans is a combination of chicory-flavored cold-brewed iced coffee, milk and cane sugar. The price is 540 yen (tax included).

Blue Bottle Coffee "New Orleans"
It's full of milk but refreshing

The cup that comes out after ordering is more like coffee latte than ice cafe latte. The taste of milk is strong, but the taste of coffee is also strong. It has a strong bitterness, but it doesn't feel sour or astringent. The taste of milk is soft and you can drink more and more.

Blue Bottle Coffee "New Orleans"
I want to enjoy a little more cold brew coffee before it gets colder

The glass emptied in a blink of an eye, probably because the temperature was high on that day, but I felt comfortable with the aftertaste of coffee remaining in my mouth for a while. You will want to enjoy cold brewed iced coffee several times before it gets colder.