Blue Bottle Coffee "HOT NOLA

Blue Bottle Coffee will introduce a seasonal menu item, "HOT NOLA," which will be available at all café locations from October 6. The price is 715 yen (tax included).


The milk iced coffee "New Orleans," popularly known as "NOLA," has been made into a hot drink for the coming chilly season.

According to Blue Bottle Coffee, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the root of an herb called chicory, which has a bitter taste, was mixed with hot water and drunk instead of coffee. As a result, coffee with chicory root roasted and blended into it became known as the local flavor and was called New Orleans style. Blue Bottle makes "New Orleans" as an iced coffee, which is a blend of chicory-infused coffee brewed over 16 hours with water, milk, and organic sugar, and is called NOLA, which stands for "New Orleans, Louisiana.

This time, HOT NOLA has a shot of "Hayes Valley," an espresso blend that combines chicory and organic sugar in a unique "NOLA syrup" with a rich cocoa aroma, and a cup full of warm, steaming milk. It is lighter and gentler on the palate than a latte, with a lower ratio of milk. It is said to have a similar taste to café au lait, in which warmed milk is added to drip coffee.

It is not available at HUMAN MADE 1928 Cafe by Blue Bottle Coffee and HUMAN MADE Cafe by Blue Bottle Coffee.