Hotto Motto "Sukiyaki Bento"
Gutsugutsu, Hafuhafu

"Sukiyaki Bento" will be on sale on October 25th at each Hotto Motto store. The price is 590 yen (tax included, same below).

Sukiyaki bento made by boiling beef, Chinese cabbage, onions, shirataki noodles, and cotton tofu in a special sauce. In order to reproduce the taste that is familiar to each region, the taste is refreshing based on dark soy sauce in eastern Japan, and the mellow sweetness is added to the brewed soy sauce in western Japan to create a mellow taste.

In addition, the "Special Sukiyaki Bento" (790 yen), which doubles the amount of beef, is also available. "Raw eggs" that go well with sukiyaki are also available for 60 yen.

Hotto Motto "Special Sukiyaki Bento"
Plenty of meat! Special sukiyaki bento