HOKUO "Black Cat"
You can meet the black cat again this year!

At each bakery shop HOKUO, the Halloween limited product "Kuro Nyanko" will be on sale from October 9th this year as well. Limited time until October 31st.

Black cat is a product that was sold last year (2017) and became a hot topic. Sweet dice chocolate is wrapped in a softly baked dough that is kneaded with cocoa. The cat's eyes are represented by pumpkin cookies, and the ears are represented by cocoa cookies. The tax-included price is 222 yen (Nyan Nyan Nyan?).

At the same time, the "Autumn Taste Fair" is being held until November 4th.

A lineup of autumn flavors such as "fragrant roasted green tea cream Danish" (190 yen, tax included, same below), "4 kinds of mushrooms and cheese carbonara" (220 yen), and "walnut bread maple butter sand" (190 yen).

HOKUO "Autumn Taste Fair"
Fragrant roasted green tea cream danish pastry

HOKUO "Autumn Taste Fair"
4 kinds of mushrooms and cheese carbonara

HOKUO "Autumn Taste Fair"
Maple butter sand of walnut bread