HOKUO "Black Cat"
The colony form is cute

At each bakery shop "HOKUO", Halloween limited products "Kuro Nyanko" and "Jack O Lantern" were released on October 10th. It will be on sale until October 31st.

Black cat is a bread with a "black cat" motif, which has a cool eye and a colony silhouette. The dice chocolate is wrapped in a dough kneaded with cocoa and baked softly. Pumpkin cookies for eyes and cocoa cookies for ears. The price is 222 yen (tax included, same below). … Nyan Nyan?

HOKUO "Black Cat"
Glittering eyes

On the other hand, Jack O Lantern is a popular product, "Crispy Melon Bread," sandwiched with whipped cream that melts in your mouth. Each one is handmade and finished with the face of Jack O Lantern. The price is 190 yen.

HOKUO "Jack O Lantern"
It seems that each face is slightly different