Furuta Confectionery Kaki no Tane Chocolate
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Furuta Confectionery will start selling milk chocolate "Kaki no Tane Chocolate" containing persimmon seeds on August 27th.

There are many sweets with the surface of the persimmon seeds coated with chocolate, but Furuta Confectionery made chocolate with very small persimmon seeds.

Generally, the shape of persimmon seeds is long and flat, but the one used for "Kaki no tane chocolate" this time is said to be the "smallest in Japan" size that can be easily kneaded into chocolate.

Furuta Confectionery's "Kaki no Tane Chocolate"

Kaki no tane is particular about the raw materials, and "100% domestic rice is used" and "bonito extract is mixed" to bring out the umami, and it is said that the sweet taste is addictive. The content is 183g (6.46oz) and the estimated price is 429 yen (tax included).