Amataro "" Yaba spicy "super spicy Taro beef tendon tofu"
Amataro becomes "spicy" Taro? Summer spicy menu!

Izakaya chain Amataro becomes "Spicy" Taro. A summer-only "spicy menu" is on sale.

There are 3 spicy menu items, "Danger of asking, Danger of eating".

The spiciness level "3" is "" Bali spicy "super spicy Taro chicken". Crispy fried garlic soy sauce-flavored chicken thighs sprinkled with special spicy spices using 7 kinds of ingredients such as chili pepper, fried onion, and garlic. Finished with spicy Sichuan chili oil. The price is 599 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Amataro "" Bali spicy "super spicy Taro chicken"
Don't know chicken or chili anymore?

The spiciness level "4" is "" Yaba spicy "super spicy Taro beef tendon tofu". A combination of chili pepper and red habanero (large spicy) adds a moderate acidity to the spiciness. In addition, a specially made combined spicy miso umami is added. The price is 499 yen.

Amataro "" Yaba spicy "super spicy Taro beef tendon tofu"
Tofu is the only comfort

The last is "Biri Spicy" Geki Spicy Taro's Shirunashi Tantanmen with a spiciness level of "5". Sichuan pepper is added to the chili pepper, and the numbing spiciness hits the tongue. Finished with Sichuan chili oil and "eaten chili oil" toppings. In addition, homemade sweet and spicy miso is added with gentleness and umami. The price is 799 yen.

Amataro "" Biri Spicy "Super Spicy Taro's Shirunashi Tantanmen"
No soup even when mixed No escape

In addition, it is so spicy that Amataro "does not recommend eating these".