Image of "GYU-KAKU dog"
Bread the ribs and beef tongue

From July 11th to September 2nd, GYU-KAKU will hold an event called "GYU-KAKU Summer Festival," which will decorate the store in a festive style and turn BGM into a festival song. There is also a street-style menu for a limited time, and the highlight is "GYU-KAKU dogs that you make yourself."

GYU-KAKU dog is a dish that you can eat with one hand by sandwiching yakiniku with bread. "Chi-zu-covered rib dock" with sweet and spicy ribs sandwiched between bread with onions and mayonnaise and thick cheddar cheese from above, and beef tongue sausage sandwiched between bread with spicy sauce and natural cheese There are two types of "spicy! Mexican beef tandock".

In both cases, you boil your own bread, bake meat and sausages, sandwich them, and sprinkle with hot cheese to eat.

The price is 500 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below) for the chi-zu-covered rib dock, which is spicy! Mexican beef tan dock is 600 yen. By the way, you can order only bread for 100 yen, and you can also arrange it by sandwiching honey and butter and eating it with ice cream.