Gyu-Kaku "Cream Hoobaru Enchanted Souffle-Honey Lemon Cream-"

Summer limited-time menus such as Gyu-Kaku's Italian confectionery "Maritozzo" -style sweets "Cream Hoobaru Enchanted Souffle-Honey Lemon Cream-" will be on sale from July 20th to September 5th. At the same time, the "Summer Stamina Yakiniku Festival" will be held, where the thick-sliced meat menu will be discounted by 100 yen per plate.

Cream Hoobaru Enchanted Souffle-Honey Lemon Cream

Gyu-Kaku "Cream Hoobaru Enchanted Souffle-Honey Lemon Cream-"

"Cream Hoobaru Enchanted Souffle-Honey Lemon Cream" is a Maritozzo-style sweet with sweet and sour honey lemon cream sandwiched between light and fluffy souffle dough that melts in the mouth. It is said that it is a self-confident work that repeated trial and error on the balance of honey and lemon and the mouthfeel of souffle. The selling price is 429 yen (tax included, same below).

Old-fashioned beef horn pudding

Old-fashioned beef horn pudding

"Old-fashioned Gyu-Kaku pudding" is a rich and somewhat solid pudding that you can feel the egg and milk firmly. The bitterly finished caramel accentuates the richness of the pudding. The selling price is 363 yen.

Raw seaweed cold noodles

Gyu-Kaku "raw seaweed cold noodles"

"Raw seaweed cold noodles" are cold noodles with Japanese-style soup stock that use seaweed produced in Lake Hamana. A summer-like dish where you can feel the sea. The selling price is 869 yen for regular and 539 yen for half.

Summer stamina yakiniku festival

Gyu-Kaku "Summer Stamina Meat Festival"

At the summer stamina yakiniku festival, there are three types of menus, "Kalbi steak", "Aged top loin steak", and "King Harami", which are seasoned with garlic on thick sliced meat so that you can survive the hot summer with stamina-rich yakiniku. For a limited time, you will get a 100 yen discount per dish. You can use as many dishes as you like.

Calvi steak

"Kalbi steak" is a dish that uses a rare brisket skirt that weighs only about 1 kg from one cow, and has a soft meat quality and you can enjoy the taste of fat. Garlic and spicy sauce are entwined, and it goes well with rice. The selling price during the Summer Stamina Yakiniku Festival will be 759 yen.

Aged top loin steak

"Aged top loin steak" is a menu that is baked with garlic butter and you can enjoy a moist texture. The selling price during the summer stamina yakiniku festival is 869 yen.

King Harami

"King Harami" is a popular staple of Gyu-Kaku where you can enjoy juicy meat. You can enjoy thick sliced meat with plenty of stamina with rice and beer. "Miso garlic", "salt butter" and "garlic garlic" will be prepared. The selling price during the summer stamina yakiniku festival is 759 yen.

At the request of each local government, the business situation may change depending on the store, and the sale of alcoholic beverages may be suspended depending on the store. In addition, some stores do not offer summer limited-time menus or summer stamina yakiniku festivals.