Hot new "Doraemon lunch" and "Dorami-chan lunch"

The "Doraemon Lunch", which is popular with children and Doraemon fans, has been renewed. It will be released on July 20th from Hotto Motto. To commemorate the renewal, we will also carry out a campaign to win action paper crafts such as "Time Machine" and "Bamboocopter".

You can choose from two types of containers, "Doraemon Lunch" and "Dorami-chan Lunch", and two types of contents, "Curry" and "Onigiri (with salmon)". In addition to side dishes that are popular with children, such as fried shrimp, fried shrimp, sausages, and potato salad, the dessert contains pudding that does not use the seven major allergen ingredients.

Along with the renewal, a campaign will start in which the first 1.75 million people will receive action paper craft in the form of Doraemon's "secret tool". You can choose one from three types: an "air cannon" that uses the expansion and contraction of the rubber band to release air and hits the target, a "time machine" that pops out with the power of the rubber band, and a "bamboocopter" that spins around with the power of the rubber band.

Hotto Motto "Action Paper Craft"

In addition to this, the sticker that comes with Doraemon lunch will be changed to the original "Doraemon Kirakira Sticker". You can get one of 6 types such as character stickers and stamp-style stickers. The selling price of Doraemon lunch and Dorami-chan lunch is 450 yen (tax included).