Lotte "Choco pie [PABLO supervised red potato cheesecake] sold individually"
Choco pie x Pablo

Lotte will release "Choco Pie [PABLO Supervised Red Potato Cheesecake] Individual Sale" supervised by PABLO, a store specializing in freshly baked cheese tart, on July 10. The estimated price is around 95 yen (excluding tax).

This is a choco pie inspired by Pablo's "red potato cheese tart". A moist soft cake dough sandwiched with red potato cheese cream and brown sugar sauce that accents the aroma. It contains more cream in the center than a regular choco pie, and it has a satisfying finish.

The Okinawa Fair will be held from July 15th at PABLO and PABLO mini stores. Products using tropical red potatoes will be on sale.

PABLO mini Chura Koi Beniimo
I'm also curious about this!