McDonald's Happy Set "Pokemon"
With a technique disc!

Happy set "Pokemon" will be released on July 6th at each McDonald's store (excluding some stores). Limited period and quantity.

A lineup of 8 types that you can play with your friends and family in various ways. "Poke Ball's Wearing Water" "Pikachu's Go! 10 Volts" "Pikachu's Wearing Key Ring" "Eevee's Hatate! Speedster" "Rowlet's Turn! Happa Cutter" "Ashimari's Look forward to which toys you will receive: "Aqua Jet", "Litten's Jump! Kaenhosha", and "Pikachu's Balance Puzzle". Each toy comes with one "technical disc" that matches the type of Pokemon.

McDonald's Happy Set "Pokemon"
Which one do you want?

Served with meals in a happy set box designed with expressive Pikachu and Eevee. You can cut out the Happy Meal Box and enjoy "Tonton Sumo".

McDonald's Happy Set "Pokemon" Box

Also, during the two days of July 7th and 8th, you will receive one "Pokemon Minna no Quiz & Puzzle Book" for each purchase of the Happy Meal "Pokemon". This book is packed with fun information such as the latest information on Pokemon, movie information, newly written manga, quizzes and puzzles (finished as soon as it runs out).

McDonald's Happy Set "Pokemon Everyone's Quiz & Puzzle Book"
Must-see for fans