The first "90 yen festival" to commemorate the opening of 500 Sushiro stores
90 yen festival held!

At each Sushiro store (excluding some stores), the first "500 Store Opening Commemorative Fair" "90 Yen Festival" will be held for 5 days from July 9th to 13th.

This is a fair where all sushi products, which are usually 100 yen per plate (excluding tax, the same applies below), are offered for 90 yen per plate. The Sushiro Sukagawa store, which is scheduled to open on July 12, will be held to commemorate the achievement of 500 stores in Japan.

* Take-out sushi, 180 yen, 280 yen, 980 yen sushi, side menus, desserts, and drinks are not eligible.