Coca-Cola system "Souken Mimizu"
Soukenmi "Water"

From June 25th, "Sokenbicha", which uses 7 kinds of plant and fruit extracts, is on sale from the Coca-Cola system "Sokenbicha" brand. The estimated price is 130 yen (excluding tax).

A new type of product that has appeared from the "Sokenbicha" brand with the concept of "refreshing, healthy, and beautiful." Sokenbicha's familiar pearl barley, young barley leaves, and evening primrose are blended with the extracts of four fruit ingredients: lemon, satsuma mandarin, yuzu peel, and evening primrose.

It features a refreshing taste that feels soothing in the body. It seems that you can enjoy it in various daily situations such as between work and study, and on the go.