Anno sweet potato latte (hot)" and "Anno sweet potato soy smoothie (iced)" at Lawson limited stores

MACHI cafe+ at LAWSON limited stores: Anno sweet potato latte (hot) and Anno sweet potato sii smoothie (

iced) The first "Anno sweet potato latte (hot)" and "Anno sweet potato sii smoothie (iced)," products conceived by the crew, are available at MACHI cafe+, a special cafe service by Lawson that makes each drink upon receipt of an order. The first product developed by the crew, "Anno Sweet Potato Latte (hot)" and "Anno Sweet Potato Soy Smoothie (iced)" will be on sale on September 19. They will go on sale on September 19.

This is an arrangement of a hot café latte drink to which


sweet potato sauce has been added. It has a full-bodied, gently sweet flavor that is perfect for the autumn season. The drink is topped with Anno sweet potato chips for an added textural accent. The price is 380 yen (tax included, same as below).

MACHI cafe+ (MACHI cafe plus) Anno sweet potato latte (hot)


Soy Smoothie (ice cream

) A smoothie based on a banana and soy milk (soymilk) smoothie with Anno sweet potato sauce added to give it a rich, gently sweet flavor. It is served with Anno sweet potato chips for a textural accent. Whipped topping is available for an additional 50 yen, and the whipped topping is topped with chocolate sauce. The price is 430 yen without whipped topping and 480 yen without whipped topping.

LAWSON limited store MACHI cafe+ Anno sweet potato soy smoothie (iced)

Both items are available in limited quantities and will be discontinued as soon as they are gone.